Monday, August 15, 2022
What Our Customers Are Saying ...
Brooklyn Center Liquors in Brooklyn Center, MN
Tom Agnes, Operations Manager shows off their new Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale system from RITE to a local news station ... Watch video

Cork & Barrel in Oakdale, MN
“I asked some tough questions and went shopping for specific things I wanted in a system. I thought a Microsoft system would be the last thing I’d buy, but I did and I feel very good about it. And I enjoy working with RITE. I like their experience and how they have worked with RMS to make this product work so much better for our specific industry. I love the way they can tie into my computer system from their offices and help me solve issues in just minutes.”
-Ken Hayes, Owner

PsychoBaby in Chicago, IL
“We had a brick and mortar store but we didn’t have the cash flow to start a big-time web business. Having RITE able to tie it into our existing operation gave us a much less expensive way to dip our toe into e-commerce. This allowed us to grow progressively without having huge start-up costs in building an A-plus website. It sounded so complicated going in, but RITE made it a very seamless process. I’m a reasonably smart person, but I’m not super web savvy. But everyone with RITE so clearly explained how this works and ‘dumbed it down’ so it made sense to us.”
- Marlo Hoffman, Co-owner

The Roof in St. Bonafacius, MN
“Our association with RITE has been great. We purchased RMS from them and Rick did all of our training. The program is very user-friendly. I think it’s a good system for our industry. They’ve always given us excellent service, even the times I’ve had to call on the weekends.”
- Sue Benson, Store Manager

Westside Liquor in St Cloud, MN (9 stores in Central MN) ... click here to read Microsoft Case Study
“It’s pretty simple ... I can get a new employee on the system and operating very quickly. It is terrific in monitoring our pricing. We want to see how all nine of our stores are doing each day, and this system can do that for you very easily. The keg registration works very well for us. The reports are extremely simple to use. I probably expect better service than most people, and RITE’s has been the best. My people call them, and those guys get somebody on it now!”
-Bob Feuling, Owner

TD Associates in Pleasantville, NJ
“We’ve worked with RITE on several projects in the past, we’re working on some larger activity now, and I anticipate we will continue to work with them as our business grows. We’ve been really, really happy with the work they have done. They’ve been really timely and responsive and offered us unique solutions to the problems we’ve had in integrating our various systems. They’ve even done work for us on issues that had nothing to do with RMS.”
- Patrick Gill, Head of Marketing and E-Commerce

Top Cellars Wine & Spirits in Olathe, KS
“I’ve been very pleased with the work we’ve received from RITE. We’ve had good responses when we’ve needed help. I’ve referred other people in the business I know to RITE, and after they have worked with them I’ve actually gotten a couple of calls back from these people thanking me for introducing them to RITE.”
-Brian Flanery, Manager

Red Oxx Manufacturing in Billings, MT
“RITE helped us integrate our website sales operation with RMS. They saved us a lot of money by not having to buy a new system to tie in with our website, and they saved us time that we had previously spent manually inputting online orders. I think the relative youth of their company and their personnel is an advantage. These guys grew up with this technology…they really understand it. And compared to some larger and older companies I think they are more flexible and better able and more willing to think outside the box.”
- Amanda Markel, Operations Manager

The Wine Shop in Minnetonka, MN
“I come from the restaurant business, so this is new to me. What I’ve been able to do with the system is very user-friendly. I discover something new everyday that is able to help us. The system, itself, is top-notch. RITE answers questions promptly, and if we need service we get it right away.”
-Paul Hoisser, Manager

Foundation HealthCare Products in Oklahoma City, OK
“... One of our I.T. guys talked to Microsoft and they recommended RITE as a top-level partner. We had an upgrade coming up for RMS, and we had to update all three of our facilities and our warehouse web store. RITE helped us with all of that, and the transition went very, very smoothly. To my knowledge there weren’t any real problems that resulted from this process. Ryan has helped with some of the web store processing. He helped us combine inventory for our warehouse and web store. RITE’s service has been great from the start of the process through planning, through the upgrade itself and in ensuing situations where we’ve had questions. They’ve always gotten back to us in a quick manner with ideas on how to get things done.”
- Ben Michaud, Vice President

Mac’s Liquor in Hopkins, MN
“I found RITE on the web, and it’s the best thing I ever did for my business. Rick got back to me quickly. They always know what they’re doing. I’ve never had an unresolved problem. We asked for several special pieces of software, and they’ve delivered. The best thing for me as a business owner is that no matter who I have talked to there they always exude an attitude that the issue will be fixed soon. They always solve the problem.”
-Sue McCarville, Owner

Gold Medal Wine Club, CA
"Your system is working great! It's one of those things that you don't know how you lived without it before...... and could never even think about going back to the old way again."
- Bruce Nuttman, IT Director

Liquor & Wine Cellar in Belvidere, IL
“I’ve worked with several POS systems and RMS is the best. I like the adaptability of the system. As a sommelier, I try to bring my knowledge of wine down to a level that the average customer can understand. That’s what I liked about RITE. They’re technology guys...they really know their stuff, but they ad a good way of bringing the info down to my level. They never made me feel dumb because I didn’t know something. Their service was absolutely outstanding...there’s no other way to put it.”
-Kevin Wirfs, Manager
Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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