Monday, August 15, 2022
Advanced Purchase Order

Due to RMS End of Life, sales of this plug in to new customers has ended. Existing users of this plug in can purchase additional licenses or obtain support by calling us at 888-267-7483.

RITE APO is a powerful application which gives you the ability to make purchasing decisions based on historical sales, purchase, pricing and supplier information. Originally designed for Liquor Store Owners/Managers who need to make quick purchasing decisions while also dealing with fluctuating costs, this application has proven itself an extremely useful buying tool for all types of retailers.

"... I use this tool everyday and just love it.  I don’t know why any retailer would have the RMS system and NOT have this Advanced PO tool.  I use it to place orders with my suppliers and to replenish our own product from our Distribution Center to our stores.  Since implementing this tool, we have increased our sales and decreased our inventory levels.  Turns, sales, and profitability are at record highs and our stores love the regular, predictable replenishment orders they receive." - Lane Wilkinson, ExOfficio

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  • Compare quantity on hand, 4 week and quarterly sales averages.
  • See items in unit and case quantities and set your ordering preferences for each item.
  • Color-coded lines alert you to items which need to be replenished immediately versus those items which can be ordered at a later time.
  • See inventory turns over time plus how many times an item has gone out of stock in a given period.
  • Automatically calculates your GMROII based on inventory, purchasing and pricing for each item.
  • Sale graphs allow you to view sales histories, profit margins, quantity sold and average transaction size.
  • Purchase histories show you what you have paid for each item in the past.
  • Can properly compensate and report on parent/child relationships (a six pack of beer that is linked to a case of beer for example).  Click here for more details.
  • RITE Advanced Purchase Order Screen Shot

    Click Image for APO Screenshot

    Retailers Using Advanced Purchase Order

    • Beer, Liquor and Wine Stores
    • Apparel Stores
    • Gift Shops
    • Sporting Goods Stores
    • Any retailer needing to make informed buying decisons and wanting to get the most out of their inventory investment.

    Pricing (per store location)

    Single license*: $999.00
    Additional licenses* 2-3: $500.00 per license
    Additional licenses* 4-9: $400.00 per license
    Additional licenses* 10+: $300.00 per license

    * One license is required for each computer where this software will be installed/used. Discount pricing is based on bulk purchases - additional licenses must be purchased within 30 days.

    Additional Information

    Multi-store Headquarters version also available, pricing is 1.5X the cost listed above.
    Compatible With: Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems 1.2, 1.3, 2.0.

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    Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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