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RITE Age Verification

Due to RMS End of Life, sales of this plug in to new customers has ended. Existing users of this plug in can purchase additional licenses or obtain support by calling us at 888-267-7483. Note that this plug in has been migrated to our Cloud Retailer liquor store specific point of sale software.

RITE Age Verification utilizes drivers license or state ID technology to verify age and identification with a swipe/scan. This program adds functionality to Microsoft Dynamics RMS to verify the age of customer when purchasing regulated products.

RITE Age Verification can be setup to assist the cashier on demand or it can be configured to prompt when certain products are sold. It can also force specific employee groups to swipe an ID and will NOT allow them to proceed without doing so, unless they have a manager’s permission.

For liability purposes, when an ID is swiped, data captured from the ID can be tracked within the transaction.  This information can then be configured to suit your needs.  A simple lookup of the transaction in the Microsoft Dynamics RMS journal can show you details of the verified age.


  • Makes it easy to be legally compliant.
  • Can block a sale from completing if proper ID is not swiped.
  • Works with both magnetic stripe and 2D barcoded IDs. Also can be set up for manual entry.
  • Journal record and receipt verify that an ID was swiped or scanned.
  • Program configuration is flexible to suit your business needs.
  • Choose whether all employees must swipe/scan ID’s or only your newer, inexperienced employees.
  • Fast and easy
  • Widely used and supported

RITE Age Verification Video Demo

Click Image for Video Demonstration

Retailers Using Age Verification

  • Beer, Liquor and Wine Stores
  • Smoke Shops and Convenience Store
  • Pharmacies/Drug Stores
  • Adult Book and Video Stores
  • Any retailer selling age restricted products

Pricing (per store location)

Single license*: $299.00
Additional licenses* 2-4: $100.00 per license
Additional licenses* 5+: $75.00 per license

* One license is required for each computer where this software will be installed/used. Discount pricing is based on bulk purchases - additional licenses must be purchased within 30 days.

Additional Information

Compatible With: Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems 1.2, 1.3, 2.0.


You might.  Some states have magnetic stripes on the backs of them - for these you'll need a magnetic swipe reader (credit card reader) - we recommend a 3 track version (2 tracks readers work too but 3 track readers give you more information).  Some states have two dimensional barcodes on them - for these you'll need a 2D barcode reader.  Some states have both.

PLEASE NOTE - a 2 dimmensional barcode scanner is NOT the same as a traditional barcode scanner (they are 1 dimmensional scanners), these are special types of barcode scanners like the Honeywell 4600R as an example.  If equipmented is needed it can also be purchased from RITE which will come pre-configured to work properly with our programs.  If you need additional information on this topic email  If equipment is not purchase through RITE, we would be happy to assist in the setup and configuration, billed at our standard hourly rate.

With both barcode scanners AND MSRs, you must use keyboard wedge style interaction with the POS station, OPOS scanners or MSRs are not supported.  It will also not work with encrypted MSR readers.

This program was built to utilize American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) standards for both Magnetic stripe and 2 dimensional barcodes.  These standards were adopted by the US and other governments for using in Driver's Licesnse and state ID for electronic identification.  Though there is a standard in place, it is still up to each state to make the final document so from state to state, there can be discrepencies. Long story short, it should work with your state's ID. We have certified our programs to work with over 24 states and Canadian provinces. To see if your state has been tested and certified with our products please check out our list

If a particular license or ID has not been certified we will happily look into the matter, with your help, and add the functionaly, free of charge.  Just ask us how.

Yes. You can set different cashiers to have different permissions - an example would be, the owner of the store would never be prompted to swipe an ID, long time employees would be prompted to swipe an ID when certain products are being sold but could override it, and new cashiers would be forced to swipe an ID and could NOT proceed unless a manager came and overrode it for them.

Many other configuration options are available - watch the demos or contact us for more information.

Yes it potentially can.  If you use it with our Express Customer Setup program you can capture customer information and verify age in a single scan of a license - the two programs integrate seamlessly.  Click here for more information on the Express Customer Setup program.

Absolutely.  RITE Age Verification can be setup to store whether or not a cashier swipes an ID which later can be reported on through RMS's detailed sales report.  We use the robust reporting engine to allow the user to sort and group sales and cashiers on the basis of ID's they verified.

RITE programs are licensed on the basis of the number of computers you will install it on.  So - each computer you install it on will ask you for a license key.

EXAMPLE 1:  I have 5 POS stations and want to install RITE Age Verification on 3 of them - you would need 3 keys.

EXAMPLE 2:  I have 2 POS stations and 2 back office machines - I want to install RITE Advanced Purchase Order on 1 of my back office machines - you would need 1 key.

After you place your order a RITE representative will email you license keys along with a receipt for purchase and instructions on how to contact our support team if help is required.

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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