Monday, August 15, 2022
RITE Profit Checker

Due to RMS End of Life, sales of this plug in to new customers has ended. Existing users of this plug in can obtain additional licenses or support by calling us at 888-267-7483.

RITE Profit Checker can be used to set desired profit margins on specific items or groups of items in the database.  By viewing Profit Checker reports or through the receiving process item costs and pricing can be adjusted when items fall outside a pre-determined range. Profit Checker also integrates with RITE’s Advance Purchase Order Plug-In for a more seamless control of profit calculation.

  • Set desired margins for items
  • View reports of item margins which fall outside the specified range.
  • Filter by department, category and sub-description fields.
  • Make necessary changes to pricing or costs from within Profit Checker or while receiving merchandise in a PO.
  • Integrates with RITE Advance PO Plug-In by changing text color within the PO to red for visual indication of margins which fall outside set ranges.

Retailers Using Profit Checker

  • Beer, Liquor and Wine Stores
  • Smoke Shops and Convenience Store
  • Pharmacies/Drug Stores
  • Sporting Good Stores
  • Clothing and Apparel Stores
  • Landscaping and Garden Centers
  • Gift Shops
  • Other Specialty Retailers

Pricing (per store location)

Single license*: $349.00
Additional licenses* 2-3: $150.00 per license
Additional licenses* 4+: $100.00 per license

*One license is required for each computer where this software will be installed/used. Discount pricing is based on bulk purchases - additional licenses must be purchased within 30 days.

Additional Information

Compatible With: Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems 1.2, 1.3, 2.0.

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Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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