Saturday, September 18, 2021
Windows 7 end of life / upgrading to Windows 10 with Microsoft RMS

RITE has deployed Windows 10 with Microsoft RMS and overall it works fairly well for most users.  While we would strongly recommend upgrading RMS to Cloud Retailer at the same time as upgrading to Windows 10 as the best path forward, this article explains the considerations you should be thinking about if you are hanging on to Microsoft RMS and want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with RMS.

Back office computers are of fairly low concern.  RMS Manager works fine and most add-ons for RMS also work on Windows 10.

Point of sale computers are significantly more tricky.

The biggest issues we have run into is with POS are

1)  RMS "macros" (for example; quick tender keys); they no longer work with Windows 10.  This could mean some of your buttons at the POS will quit working. 

2)  If you are still swiping credit cards and NOT using EMV terminals you need to move to an EMV solution ASAP.  This is a major security risk - as in, your business is in danger if you are continue to use this highly outdated and insecure method of processing cards.  This WILL spontaneously stop working at some point in the near future due to internet security standards changing. 

If you're willing to look at new credit card processors many will even pay for some or all of the costs of switching to this new technology.  There's really no good reason to delay updating this part of your system.

3)  You may also notice some differences in the way the POS screen appears (size/font change).

4)  If your peripherals are more than 5 years old they may not have drivers that support Windows 10.  So while the POS application itself may run fine, receipts may not print, etc. 

If you're computer is more than 3 years old we'd recommend replacing it instead of attempting to upgrade it as it's possible to have compatibility issues and/or it can be throwing good money after bad.  You're making a significant investment in time to upgrade a machine that has between 2 and 5 years of usable life - it probably makes sense to buy new.

Lastly, we strongly recommend using Microsoft RMS version 2.0.2000 or greater when moving to Windows 10.

All testing and support efforts by our team are focused on that version - which does contain changes from older versions that may impact operating system compatibility.  Deploying RMS to a version older than this could result in unexpected consequences and problems that are NOT manageable.

You can find which version you are running by going into Store Operations Manager > Help > About.

Our recommendation: upgrade your RMS to next gen Cloud Retailer.  We migrate all of your data to the updated platform, it is fully compatible with Windows 10, cloud based and always updated so you can focus on your business and worry less about your technology.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss this further, please contact us at 888-267-7483 or

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