Monday, August 15, 2022
Why change your business to fit your POS system?

Make your POS system change to fit you!

With other POS software systems, "That's just the way the it is - there's nothing we can do about it, is a phrase heard all too often. With Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System and Point of Sale, if you don't like the way something is, there's a good chance we can make it the way you'd like it!

The ability to customize POS software is important because every business is different. We've often wondered why some retailers force themselves inside a box by using inflexible point of sale systems. Not only is RMS the most user definable point of sale system available, but because of its flexibility we can develop custom applications that integrate with RMS to make it fit any business like a glove.

You can't find many companies out there who will take a more genuine, personal interest in helping you do business like we do.

Quality - Every Step of the Way

Our customers' return on investment is very important to us. That's why we only use the highest quality products. Everything we use, from Dell Retail Ready computers, and the $100,000 guarantee Belkin surge protectors, to the famous 5-year warranty HHP scanners. All are the best quality for the dollar invested. Imagine if you lost your database because the system was not properly set up to automatically backup your data, or customers were unhappy about waiting in line because of slow, inferior computers and printers. The return on investment with quality components becomes evident.

Service you can Count on

You can sleep easier knowing you're protected by RITE's 24-hour guarantee. If something breaks, we will troubleshoot the problem, on site if necessary, in less than 24 hours. If it's a hardware problem that can't be fixed on the spot, we'll even give you a loaner until it's fixed.

Honesty - the Basis of Business at RITE

We've seen too many technology vendors take advantage of customer's that may not fully understand their system. Not us. Technology is our business, retail is yours. That's why we'll educate you during the sales process, and for years after the purchase, explaining everything you need to know in order to make your investment pay-off for your business.

Compare our price and shop around. When you decide to go with us, we want you to be absolutely sure you're making the right decision. We are not finished with you after you sign the check. We want you to feel good about the purchase and to come back when it's time to outfit your second store or when you need additional customizations. Rite's philosophy: honesty is the only strategy for long-term business success. When you carefully consider what you are getting, we provide more value than any other POS technology option.

Whatever your situation, RITE will give you the tools to help grow your business and your bottom line.

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